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FINANCE LEASE Choosing a Finance Lease is a good way to expand or update your vehicle without tying up working capital. CNH Industrial Capital purchases the vehicle and rents it back to you for an agreed period, at fixed rentals. Features The fixed underlying interest rate and fixed rentals for the term of the agreement make it

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Line charts Line graphs are probably the most widely used graph for showing trends. Chart.js has a ton of customisation features for line graphs, along with support for multiple datasets to be plotted on one chart. Pie charts Pie charts are great at comparing proportions within a single data set. Chart.js shows animated pie charts


DRIVEN BY RELIABILITY Prostar's Eaton transmissions for where reliability and driver control are paramount. DRIVEN BY PERFORMANCE The new Cummins X15 engine, and evolution of the provenIXSe5 power plant. EXPLORE OUR RANGE OF VEHICLES DAILY VAN 35S DAILY VAN 50C DAILY VAN 70C DAILY CAB CHASSIS DAILY CAB CHASSIS (DUAL CAB) DAILY 4x4 DAILY 4x4